DAFNE and Alliance magazine announce members of PEXnews ‘sounding board’


Alliance magazine


DAFNE and Alliance magazine have confirmed the members of the PEXnews ‘sounding board’ to contribute content and co-design the monthly newsletter that reflects on the most relevant news and developments from the European philanthropy sector.

The aim of our revamped newsletter was to provide an open, collaborative platform for the PEX Community and the European philanthropy ecosystem, leading to the creation of the ‘sounding board’ which consists of philanthropy professionals from European philanthropy.

The members include:

Hanna Stähle, DAFNE
James Magowan, ECFI
Jorgos Papadakis, EVPA
Julie Broome, Ariadne
Max von Abendroth, DAFNE
Peggy Sailer, NEF
Tobias Troll, EDGE Funders Alliance
Zibran Choudhury, Alliance magazine

PEXnews will be of interest to: philanthropy support organisations and foundations, research institutions and universities in the field of philanthropy, philanthropy professionals, advisors, NGOs and civil society organisations, policy makers – both in Europe and beyond!

To receive PEXnews, and weekly global philanthropy updates, sign-up here and stay updated with the latest news, trends and developments from across the philanthropy ecosystem.

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