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The European Day of Foundations and Donors, founded in 2013, is a day to reflect and celebrate the advancements in philanthropy throughout Europe and promote a culture of giving. Celebrated on 1 October, events will be taking place all across the continent in support of global giving.

The non-profit sector is strong in Europe, with over 140,000 foundations investing nearly £60 billion annually to contribute to public benefit. This vast array of organizations operate in a complex environment of regulations and codes, an ecosystem of philanthropy that is constantly changing.

According to Magdalena Pękacka, vice-chair of the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE), the European Day of Foundations and Donors is a necessary celebration of the work of people in and around the civil society sector.

‘National and international associations and donors forums work for 365 days of the year to create a good climate for foundations and donors to work in and to help them be equipped for changes in the weather. For one day however, 1 October, we hold a Europe-wide celebration of their work’, Pękacka commented.

Together with the European Foundation Centre (EFC), DAFNE will publish a study on the effects of challenges facing civil society, seeking to ‘identify constraints and opportunities to release philanthropic potential across Europe.’ (Read the full press release here.)

Chair of the European Foundation Centre Massimo Lapucci commented on the occasion: ‘Our sector encompasses a wide variety of institutional philanthropies in myriad shapes and sizes and with diverse purposes. On October 1st, we celebrate this diversity and come together as one voice to celebrate the unique and essential contribution these organisations make to improving the lives of citizens around Europe and the world.’

As philanthropists and civil society enthusiasts, we invite you to join this celebration of European philanthropy on 1 October.

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