December issue 2013 – Focus on … Next gen donors: what will they do differently?


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1312 Cover photoWill the next generation of young donors want to be more hands-on than their elders? Are they more likely to engage in impact investing? Who influences their thinking? These are some of the questions addressed in the special feature of the December 2013 issue of Alliance magazine available here, with Guest editor Jason Franklin of Bolder Giving.

The special feature includes interviews with three young donors: Elianna Sabbag Moquette, a passionate believer in social enterprise; Jessan Hutchison-Quillian, a Google engineer who gives away half his salary; and Alex Rozek Buffett, president of the Learning by Giving Foundation, interviewed with foundation director Ellie Mudge.

The special feature also includes an article comparing the findings of two recent studies of next gen philanthropy, one US-focused and another more global; the perspectives of advisers from different regions of the world who work with next gen donors; Julia Balandina-Jaquier’s reflections on how young wealth holders are approaching impact investing; and an overview of programmes to engage young donors from Michael Alberg-Seberich and Gabriele Störmann.

Also in the December issue of Alliance: an update on the state of funding for women’s human rights; David Evans on developments in social enterprise and social investing in China; Christopher 

Worman on how social media is changing the way civil society forms and evolves; and a range of responses to September’s special feature on ‘Philanthropy and power’.

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