DFN Charitable Foundation appoint Kevin Horne as CEO


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The DFN Charitable Foundation has announced the appointment of Kevin Horne as their new CEO. Kevin will be joining the foundation after 21 years at NWES Group where he actively developed employability initiatives to support those with learning disabilities.

‘The DFN Charitable Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Kevin Horne, who has today joined as CEO of the DFN Charitable Foundation and DFN Project Search. As CEO, Kevin will work with trustees to deliver real change in the fields of special education, most importantly improving access to employment for young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and autism. We urgently need to nudge government, both national and local, and businesses, into shifting the goalposts in favour of the young people who access DFN Project SEARCH and other internship programmes around the country.’ said David Forbes Nixon, Chairman.

Horne will work with trustees and supporters to ensure the success of various projects being carried out by the Foundation, including its dedicated employment initiative, DFN Project SEARCH.

‘I truly believe that these young people are capable of making a real economic and social contribution to our society if they are given the correct education, training and support which only programmes Project SEARCH currently provide.” said Kevin Horne, CEO.

‘Employment helps young people value themselves and others, offering them the chance of developing greater independence. It provides opportunities to form lasting relationships and friendships.’

‘Importantly, it offers the hope of becoming economically independent without the need to rely on benefits and the tremendous prize of greater personal and social independence.’

For more see: https://www.dfnfoundation.org

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Can a follow up story be published to find out why he is no longer ceo ?

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