Dreilinden launches Financiación Diversa programme in Mexico


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German organisation Dreilinden, together with Mexico-based FME LGBT+ and VIWALA, have launched Financiación Diversa, a programme to increase financial inclusion for LGBTQIA* entrepreneurs, as well as companies that cater to that community in Mexico.

Access to mainstream financial systems remains non-existent for many members of the LGBTQIA* community, according to Dreilinden who hope that Financiación Diversa will be able to address this disparity.

All old and new members of FME LGBT+, a programme in Mexico that works to create equal opportunities for all people, are invited to apply for Financiación Diversa. Applicants will go through a detailed credit and business model analysis conducted by VIWALA, which provides momentum capital to Mexican entrepreneurs with a focus on empowering disenfranchised groups.

Financiación Diversa is the second pilot project of Dreilinden following a similar initiative in South Africa. The pilot programmes are part of Dreilinden’s ambition to demonstrate the need for impact investing with an LGBTQIA* lens in emerging and frontier markets.

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