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sustainable-cities_logoSince the start of this year’s EFC conference on 30 May, our Latest from Alliance blog has been featuring views and updates from the event. With a blogging team composed of philanthropy advisors, presidents, project staff and communications coordinators from around the globe, we have been able to reflect many varied attitudes and perspectives.

Posts published as part of our conference coverage include:

  • For-impact organizations
    Henrik Mahncke, Project Manager at Realdania, focuses on one of the key points raised throughout the conference – that the most effective way for foundations to improve impact is to enable a change of mindset – and considers the implications of this for the wider ‘non-profit’ sector.
  • Cities and the work of soul-building
    Albert Ruesga, President & CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, reflects on the various meanings of a city in light of comments from Kent Martinussen of the Danish Architecture Center and Jan Gehl of Gehl Architects.
  • Blame it on bad luck
    Chandrika Sahai, PSJP Network Coordinator and workshop participant at the ‘good to great’ session, asks how much luck plays a role in the work of a foundation that achieves great results.
  • The potential power of connection-building
    Paul Evans, Communications Manager at the Barrow Cadbury Trust, considers the importance of communication in philanthropy, a theme that emerged from a number of different sessions.
  • There’s a drumming sound inside my head….
    Walter Veirs, regional director for CEE/Europe at the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, writes about the urgency of many of the problems that foundations are trying to tackle and the need to create space for creative thinking to approach these.
  • On the edge of the abyss, what can foundations do?
    Alliance editor Caroline Hartnell confronts the abysses of climate change, economic uncertainty and rampant inequality that were discussed as part of the ‘Sustainable Cities’ theme and considers some of the approaches for foundations to take that were put forward during the event.

Were you at the conference this year? Which themes or sessions did you find most thought-provoking? Leave a comment or share your views on our social media.

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