EFC launch online tool for members to provide instant insights and benchmarking


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The European Foundation has launched Compass – a tool designed to capture and share information about EFC members. Compass contains a series of multiple choice, easy to complete questions that provides instant insights to give value to EFC members.

After demand from members for the EFC to connect them with like-minded organisations, the responded by launching compass as a central repository of knowledge and insights about the philanthropic sector, and provide members with insights and intelligence that can guide strategic decision making.

 At the EFC AGA 2018, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Chair of the European Foundation Centre, Massimo Lapucci said:

‘As part of this, we are strengthening our membership communications to streamline how we collect information from our members and provide better and more valuable insights.

Some of you will already have tried the ‘beta’ version of a brand new interactive survey app for the exclusive use of EFC members, which we call “Compass”.

Compass will make sharing data fun, fast and easy, but critically will also provide instant benchmarking and a clear insight into the direction our membership is steering in. I ask you, as intrepid explorers, to please get on board with the Compass and come with us on this exciting journey!’

Watch the video below to find out more:


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