‘Empathy for Impact’ podcast aims to strengthen philanthropy and social investment in Chile


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A podcast created by Empatthy in partnership with El Líbero is shining a light on social issues in Chile to promote philanthropy and social investment in the region.

Empatthy, founded by Rosa Madera, is an organisation that that promotes strategic philanthropy and social investment in Chile. Working with media partner El Líbero, they launched the ‘Empathy for Impact’ podcast to discuss social issues in communities across Chile, different funding models and their impact, and the need to support and develop philanthropy and social investment in Chile.

In an interview with the Association of German Foundations, Rosa described how she hoped philanthropy would develop in the region, “We hope that, in the future, there will be a development towards a more strategic approach to philanthropy, which implies more cooperation between foundations, and also between foundations and NGOs. Philanthropy is becoming more visible and so are its results and its impact.”

The ‘Empathy for Impact’ podcast is now in its fourth season and all the episodes can be listened to here: http://empatthy.org/podcasts/

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