European Parliament discusses need for a single market for philanthropy


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Is there a need for a single market for philanthropy? The European Parliament launched a discussion of this question last week. The initiative calling for public-private partnerships for the common good was welcomed by EC Commissioner Mairead McGuiness.

The aim of a single market for philanthropy will be to unlock the potential of philanthropy in the recovery and future of Europe, mobilising complementary private resources for the public good and facilitating cross-border giving and philanthropic action.

‘Philanthropy can help us catalyse a more holistic response to the vast challenges that lie ahead, from climate change to vaccination and social innovation,’ said McGuinness, stressing the importance of the philanthropic sector in Europe that includes more than 147,000 public-benefit foundations with an accumulated annual expenditure of nearly €60 billion.

MEP Seán Kelly underlined how philanthropy plays a key role in upholding community cohesion and sharing European values, tackling rising inequalities and helping to meet citizens’ needs and deliver change. For MEP Milan Brglez, philanthropic organisations are practising European solidarity and have the necessary agility to work cross border that is essential to address the big challenges of our times, including the green and digital transition.

Hanna Surmatz, Enabling Environment Manager and co-lead of the joint Dafne and EFC Philanthropy Advocacy initiative stated: ‘We welcome this timely debate and the related initiatives in the European Parliament and the European Commission. The challenges for our society, such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, do not stop at national borders, but legal frameworks for philanthropic giving do. Therefore, we fully support this call for introducing a single market for philanthropy and public good across the EU.’

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