Funder Safeguarding Collaborative launches, aims to prevent abuse and exploitation


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The Funder Safeguarding Collaborative – a new funders collaboration made up of Comic Relief, Global Fund for Children, The National Lottery Community Fund, Oak Foundation, and Porticus – was launched yesterday. The Collaborative will support global efforts to prevent abuse and exploitation.

Three years ago, in the wake of international headlines on the failures of charitable organisations to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation, the UK government’s International Development Committee (IDC) announced an inquiry into abuse and exploitation within the aid sector, warning that a chronic lack of attention to and resources for safeguarding was one of the main obstacles to ensuring development activities do not cause any harm. Many philanthropic and development organisations have since implemented new safeguarding measures, but significant challenges remain. The new Funder Safeguarding Collaborative seeks to tackle some of these challenges.

Its work includes connecting funders to a wealth of knowledge and expertise free of charge. The FSC also offers tailored, fee-based support, including a training program, an advice line, and consulting on everything from policy development to incorporating safeguarding into grantmaking.

‘Together, we can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children, youth, and communities we work with around the world,’ said Global Fund for Children President and CEO John Hecklinger. ‘By recognising and amplifying local knowledge and practices, and creating a platform for sharing what works, the FSC will foster the development of organisational cultures and systems that protect young people and others vulnerable to abuse from harm.’

‘We are proud to be part of this collaborative as we all share the core value of putting the protection of the people we serve at the center of what we do,’ said Oak Foundation President Douglas Griffiths. ‘We encourage others to join forces with us to ensure that organisations everywhere are safe.’

FSC membership is open to charitable trusts and foundations, intermediary funders that dedicate at least 50 per cent of their budgets to grantmaking and grantee support, and funder networks that wish to promote safeguarding as part of their work. It is housed within Global Fund for Children, which provides administrative support and technical expertise to develop and grow the collaborative.

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