Give More: Trevor Pears spearheads campaign to overcome UK’s giving deficit


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The Give More campaign, an effort to overcome what a piece of recent research called the ‘giving deficit’ among certain sections of UK society, was unveiled earlier this week. The principal player behind the campaign is Pears Foundation founder Trevor Pears, and its purpose – well, the admirably brief and to-the-point name says it all really – is to induce people to give more ‘money, energy and time’ to charities over the next 12 months. This preview or ‘soft’ launch, as one source calls it, is designed to persuade individuals, businesses and charities to sign up to the campaign prior to its official national launch in April. As of 14 February, 220 people had pledged to ‘give more’ on the campaign’s beta site, while companies including BT and Savills have signed up as corporate partners. The campaign also counts the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Jewish Care among its civil society supporters.

NCVO and CAF, indeed, were the two organizations responsible for the report, published in December, which revealed the existence of the UK’s giving deficit. Percentages for giving online and by text, both generally touted as exciting areas of growth for giving, remain in single figures and over half of young adults do not give to charity. One particular thrust of the Give More campaign is that organizational supporters get their board members to pledge to increase their giving on the campaign’s website, and that they encourage their employees do to the same. ‘By increasing the visibility and more clearly demonstrating the impact of giving,’ says CAF Head of Policy Hannah Terrey, ‘we could help to encourage more people to give, and people in general to give more.’

Source, 14 February 2012

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