Brazil giving circle for racial equity launches on GivingTuesday


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Brazil’s Baoba Fund for Racial Equity, The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund (WISE Fund), and Black Philanthropy Month have teamed up to launch its first community-based giving circle to support grassroots organisations working for racial equity. The call is launching today with a digital event on GivingTuesday – a sign of the increasing globalisation of the GivingTuesday movement.

Brazil has a population that is more than 56 per cent Black – yet Black people in Brazil suffer from great systemic injustices that have only been worsened by the pandemic. The Baoba Fund has identified an urgent need to amplify Black Brazilian racial justice in national and international philanthropy, asking: How can we increase funding to directly support Black-led organizations working to make a difference for Black Brazilians?

In an aim to answer that question, Brazilian Black Awareness Month, Giving Tuesday, and the Baoba Fund have launched unprecedented anti-racism initiatives. To learn more about the programme, join ‘Making Equity Real: A Black Awareness Month Call to Action’ today, 30 November, at 10 AM PST/3 PM BRT. A global event, this program will mobilise people in the US and the world to support grassroots Brazilian organizations and help build the country’s Black Philanthropy sector.

The event will then be followed by ‘Racial Equity: knowing and raising awareness to donate’ – the Baoba Fund’s first digital fundraising campaign.

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