Help needed to cross the bridge, says Family Foundation Giving Trends 2011 report


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More support is needed in setting up family foundations so that they can become ‘fundamental and widespread’ in the UK. So says the Family Foundation Giving Trends 2011 report, published by the Pears Foundation and the ESRC Research Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy at Cass Business School. Giving by UK family foundations constitutes an increasingly significant part of UK giving, having grown by 27 per cent in the past five years, outstripping the growth of corporate and public giving, and (at £1.3 billion) accounting for 7 per cent of all giving in 2009-10.

However, argues the report, more needs to be done to guide and encourage those who might consider setting up family foundations. ‘Regardless of motivation,’ says Professor Cathy Pharoah, who wrote the report, ‘most potential philanthropists need to find a route or bridge into philanthropy. There are many people who want to give but are unsure of how to start…The report calls on charities, professional advisers
and policymakers to develop many more imaginative and supportive ways for
potential philanthropists to share experiences and learning to ensure the bridge is crossed and more foundations are established.’

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