Impetus chosen to deliver £200 million Youth Endowment Fund to tackle violence


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Impetus has been chosen by the Home Office to help deliver a £200 million Youth Endowment Fund which will support programmes and community partnerships working with children at risk of being drawn into crime and violence.

It will be run independently by charity Impetus, working in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation and the Social Investment Business across England and Wales.

In addition to the £200 million, Impetus will work with other funders to seek to grow the fund to a potential £300 million through donations and investments.

CEO of Impetus Andy Ratcliffe said, ‘This is a significant and sustained investment that puts prevention at the heart of efforts to tackle youth crime and violence.’

‘We need to be ambitious if we’re to tackle this issue – that means early intervention to stop children and young people getting themselves into serious trouble.’

‘The Youth Endowment Fund will be working with front line organisations to provide the support they need to put young people on the right track.’

Delivered over ten years, the fund will support the public health approach to tackling serious violence. In addition, the fund will be used to evaluate the impact of interventions so that the most effective ones can be scaled up and delivered more widely.

Prime Minister Theresa May said, ‘Tackling serious violence requires a cross-society approach, and early intervention is vital to protect young people from being groomed by gangs and drawn into crime.’

‘We all need to work together to stop further tragedies. This fund will support important work in the community to prevent vulnerable children and young people from falling into a life of drugs, gang culture and violence.’

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