Insights from Just Giving 2016: Newly published conference report


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This April, 250 donors, funders, and civil society allies came together for the 16th Annual Just Giving conference to deepen our mutual understanding of Just Transition narratives and practice.

This was a very different Just Giving gathering. Experimenting with an open-conference format guided by dynamic facilitator Adrienne Maree Brown, Just Giving 2016 pushed us to explore the implications, constraints and opportunities for funding systemic change and to develop insights on ways to build up philanthropic infrastructure to foster real and lasting solutions.  It wasn’t always easy, but together we wrestled with complex questions and contributed to a deepening collective understanding of wider social change.

We invite you to view the recently published conference report, summarizing the content, insights, and learnings that emerged from Just Giving 2016.

Our discussions in Berkeley demonstrated that together with allies in and outside of philanthropy, our community is willing to engage their experience, knowledge, passion and commitment to move our collective work to the leading edge of philanthropic efforts in support of deep and necessary fundamental change.

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