Instituto Ayrton Senna wins BNP Paribas philanthropy award


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Viviane Senna Da Silva Lalli received the Grand Prix on behalf of the Institute Ayrton Senna, of which she is the founder and president. Established in 1994, the Institute uses funds from her brother’s legacy to improve the quality of Brazilian education through a range of training programmes and teaching methods and materials, working in close cooperation with local and national authorities. The Institute offers special teacher training to local government staff and provides mentoring through a pyramid structure so as to enable the maximum number of school teachers to draw on the expertise of others, plus a series of educational programmes and a system of follow-up and pupil assessment in order to measure pupils’ progress (pictured).

To date some 16 million Brazilian children and young people have benefited from the educational programmes supported by the Institute. According to the Institute’s own assessment system, the methods result in a 95 per cent success rate in terms of the number of pupils completing their studies and obtaining a diploma compared with a national average success rate of 30 per cent. The awards were set up by BNP Paribas Wealth Management in 2008 in order to raise general awareness of the growing global phenomenon of philanthropic giving.

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