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With a special feature on ‘Networks and philanthropy’ this is an important issue for those wishing to understand more about networks, for philanthropists and foundations wishing to collaborate more with others, and those wanting to discover more about how social networking may be able to help their organization in unexpected ways.

This edition of the magazine is guest edited by Harald Katzmair of FAS.research – Understanding Networks, and Chet Tchozewski of Global Greengrants Fund. The December issue asks how much does the philanthropy world really understand about networks? The feature article, which is free to read on the Alliance website, looks at what do networks really mean for philanthropic work, what can philanthropists do for networks and what sort of investment is required to utilize the ‘power of networks’.

Subscriber articles within the special feature include: ‘Philanthropy in the age of networked intelligence’, where Don Tapscott looks at how NGOs can build deep relationships with philanthropists; ‘From mirage to reality’, describing how social network analysis transformed a groundwater project in Jordan; and thoughts from Beth Kanter on how becoming networked is the key to success. A number of national and global membership associations offer their thoughts on how they add value, the problems they can face and whether too many of these exist already. The special feature also considers what philanthropy can learn from other types of networks.

In other content, Lisa Jordan of the Bernard van Leer Foundation talks of her experience attending the Clinton Global Initiative, Clare Woodcraft discussed the new venture philanthropy business model of the Emirates Foundation, and Anthony Tomei asks what gives foundations the right to influence public policy.

The magazine also includes reports from a number of recent conferences such as the AGN Assembly, as well as the usual global updates, letters, book reviews and opinion pieces.

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