MacKenzie Scott directs donations to Latin America


Alliance magazine


In her latest round of grants, totalling some $3.9 billion, billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has increased her donations to nonprofits based outside of the US, sending grants across Latin America with a particular focus on Brazil.

Her funding remains aligned with causes she has previously supported, including racial justice with a grant to the Baobá Fund for Racial Equity to support its work through pro-racial equity projects, social articulation, and mobilising people and resources behind racial justice.

Other organisations that have received funding include the BrazilFoundation, which works to boost civil society; Vector Brazil, which supports public leadership; and human rights organisations like Redes de Maré and Gerando Falcões – among many others.

With this giving, ‘MacKenzie Scott has upset the apple cart of Latin American philanthropy’, say ELLAS-Mujeres y Filantropia’s Florencia Roitstein and Andrés Thomas.

Taking her previous giving into account, Scott has now given away around $12.3 billion over the past two years – a sum exceeding the total of entire endowments of some of America’s largest foundations.

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