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Every month Alliance regional representatives provide a report on the latest happenings in philanthropy from their region. Below is roundup for May 2024


CAPS Published Latest Research on Government Procurement from the Social Sector in Asia

By Fan Li, East Asia Regional Representative

Government procurement of goods and services from the social sector can help leverage the sector’s subject expertise and community links to deliver more efficient and cost-effective social services. However, the potential benefits are contingent on the ease and accessibility of government procurement and broader factors contributing to an organization’s capacity to fulfill needs.

According to the latest research conducted by Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) in Hong Kong, only a handful of Asian governments have introduced preferential government procurement policies, and when they do, the policies favour social enterprises over nonprofits.

China has the highest proportion of participating in government procurement  (73 percent), followed by Korea (58 percent) and Japan (49 percent). At the other end of the spectrum, the Philippines (8 percent), Sri Lanka (12 percent), and Cambodia (13 percent) had the lowest proportion.

The research also found out that governments offer limited opportunities such as elderly care, disability care, and child care services for nonprofits to take part in procurement. Capacity issues are the biggest inhibitor of nonprofits and social enterprises’ participation in government procurement, ranging from production reliability to financial viability.

The research discusses a range of best practices in Asia and provides a policy framework with recommended remedies to address constraints related to social sector capacity and procurement processes.

HDFC Bank Parivartan supports social sector start-ups with Rs 19.6 crore grants

By Aarti Mohan, South Asia Regional Representative

HDFC Bank, India’s leading private sector bank, has announced the winners of its Parivartan Start-up Grants programme for 2024. This year, 41 incubators and accelerators will receive grants totalling Rs 19.6 crore to support 170 start-ups focused on social impact entrepreneurship.

In collaboration with Atal Innovation Mission, the grants target key areas including Climate Innovation, Financial Inclusion, Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Economy, Accessible and Affordable Healthcare, Education and Livelihood Enhancement, and Gender Diversity and Inclusion.

Ms. Nusrat Pathan, Head of CSR at HDFC Bank, highlighted the bank’s commitment to fostering social innovation and driving positive change. The grants aim to nurture impactful start-ups across sectors, contributing to a sustainable and inclusive future.

Recipients include start-ups from various states, with Maharashtra leading in numbers. Over half of the start-ups are based in tier II/III cities, reflecting a broad geographical reach.

New initiative launches to tackle air pollution in Latin America

By Agustin Landa, Latin America Regional Representative

A recent funding opportunity has emerged to bolster regional cooperation on air quality management in both Latin America and Central Asia.

This initiative, titled “Strengthening Regional Air Quality Cooperation in Latin America and Central Asia,” seeks to facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders within these regions to effectively address the pressing environmental concerns related to air pollution.

The initiative emphasizes the importance of fostering partnerships among governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutions, and other relevant entities to develop sustainable solutions for mitigating air pollution and improving air quality. By encouraging dialogue and knowledge sharing, the program aims to build capacity and strengthen institutional frameworks for air quality management.

Through this funding opportunity, eligible organizations are invited to propose projects that focus on a range of activities, including but not limited to: conducting research on air quality monitoring and assessment, implementing policies and regulations to reduce air pollution, raising public awareness about the health and environmental impacts of poor air quality, and promoting cross-border cooperation to address transboundary air pollution issues.

By supporting collaborative efforts across Latin America and Central Asia, this initiative seeks to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals related to environmental protection and public health.

First Community Foundations of Zimbabwe Meeting

By Tarisai Jangara, Central and Southern African Regional Representative

On May 16, 2024, SIVIO Institute hosted the first-ever Community Foundations of Zimbabwe meeting bringing together 28 Community Foundations from different parts of the country.  The goal of the meeting was to create a space for organizations to discuss challenges, especially in accessing funding. Grassroots organizations like Community Foundations face competition from larger international organizations, hindering their ability to address local issues effectively.

The meeting echoed concerns raised by grassroots organizations globally under the “Too Southern to be Funded” campaign. SIVIO Institute reaffirmed its commitment to supporting philanthropy and community development in Zimbabwe. Organizations shared innovative ways of generating income, such as producing reusable sanitary wear and monetizing social media platforms.

Thrive Philanthropy – Animal & Vegan Advocacy (AVA) Summit

By Susan Njambi Odongo, East Africa Regional Representative

The recent Animal & Vegan Advocacy (AVA) Summit in Washington, DC, held from May 16-19, 2024, prominently featured Thrive Africa, a pivotal initiative under Thrive Philanthropy. Thrive Africa is dedicated to supporting local organizations and empowering communities across the African continent. Its role in fostering grassroots movements and providing essential resources to local advocates underscores the initiative’s mission and impact, particularly in promoting equitable animal and vegan
advocacy funding.

A key takeaway from the summit was the imperative of directing equitable funding towards African animal and vegan advocacy initiatives. This emphasis reflects a growing recognition of the importance of inclusive and sustainable support for such causes. Thrive Philanthropy’s contributions to developing the Uganda Vegan Society (UVS) and the broader vegan movement in Africa have been significant. Since 2019, their support has been instrumental, and the Thrive Africa team, since its inception in 2022, has further amplified their impact on animal advocacy in the region.

Book Launch: Reimagining Philanthropy in the Global South: Transforming Institutional Frameworks (working title)

By Ese Emerhi, West African Regional Representative

A new book that offers up new ways of approaching development from a South-South perspective by providing examples of actions that can change the institutions of development through philanthropy. This is the second book in the series of Reimagining Philanthropy in the Global South. Ese Emerhi will be the authors of one of the chapters in the book: The Opportunity of Unrestricted Funding.

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