Over 40 per cent have experienced prejudice or discrimination in UK trust and foundation sector


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Over 40 per cent of respondents to a survey by Grant Givers’ Movement (GGM) have said that they had seen or experienced prejudice or discrimination on more than one occasion.

Published today, the report ‘Discrimination, Prejudice & Isomorphism’ compiled the results of a workforce survey where over 130 grant-making staff gave their views on issues of diversity, inclusion and voice.

More than 95 instances of prejudice or discrimination were recorded when asked ‘have you ever experienced or directly seen prejudice or discrimination in trusts and foundations based on age, gender, race, disability, sexual identity or any other protected characteristics?’

In response, GGM state: ‘We are writing to both the Association of Charitable Foundations and the Charity Commission to suggest they follow this up with deeper investigation to establish the nature and level of challenges that exist in the sector.’

In addition, 70 per cent of respondents feel trustee diversity levels affect which organisations get funded. The same number felt that way about staff diversity. Two-thirds felt that foundation trustee boards’ lack of racial diversity affected minority-led charities’ fundraising efforts. GGM have suggested a convening of charity and foundation leadership to discuss the issue and will write to ACEVO, Institute of Fundraising, NCVO, ACF with the suggestion in the hope that they are open to following it up.

An overwhelming 84 per cent of respondents felt that the lack of class diversity of foundation trustees influences who charities recruit to their own boards. Grant Givers’ Movement have suggested a consultation with charities to better understand the extent to which they feel pressure to recruit in the image of their funders. ‘We hope that one of the charity sector industry bodies will lead this work and have written to NCVO and ACEVO in the hope that one will take this up as an area to explore.’

Read the report here: https://www.grantgiversmovement.org/

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