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The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has launched a report calling the philanthropy community to action when it comes to transforming food systems.

The report, ‘How to Transform Food Systems’, is being released ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and COP26, which the Global Alliance for the Future of Food Hopes will catalase transformation.

‘We are very excited to see the Global Alliance membership mobilize around these seven calls to action. The global events this fall represent a unique opportunity to amplify the imperative for food systems transformation. Reflecting years of collective work with diverse foundations and partners, we pair actionable pathways on governance, finance and investment, policy, agroecology and diets with incredibly inspiring initiatives that illustrate the kind of deep structural change needed to address the intertwined climate, biodiversity, health and inequality crises. Members of the philanthropic community can advance their interest in food systems change through this actionable framework’, said Lauren Baker, Senior Director of Programs at the Global Alliance.

The report highlights seven pathways to structural change in global food systems including inclusive, participatory governance; research for the public good; accounting for the environmental, social, and health impacts of food systems; unlocking investments – both public and private – toward ecologically beneficial forms of farming, nutritious, sustainable, whole-food diets, and resilient livelihoods and communities.

‘The time for bold action is now. Food systems transformation is urgent; it is unavoidable, and pick-and-choose piecemeal measures are simply not enough, especially in light of Covid-19. Each of the Calls to Action address the critical underlying structures that hold back much-needed systems transformation, and these seven statements will be the demands we will make at every forum to boldly realize the change so critically needed for people and the planet,’ said Ruth Richardson, Executive Director, Global Alliance for the Future of Food.

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