Solidarity – more in common?


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The June edition of Alliance is out now with a special feature titled ‘Solidarity – more in common?’

‘We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.’

These were the words of Jo Cox in her maiden speech to the UK Parliament in June 2015, just one year before she was murdered by a far-right terrorist.

The issue explores the complex and sensitive relationship between philanthropy and solidarity in a time when many parts of the world are struggling with division and conflict.

Guest edited by King Baudouin Foundation’s Stefan Schäfers, the issue’s special feature examines the meaning of solidarity. Schäfers argues that our ‘task is to keep solidarity alive by adapting it to the world we live in.’ The feature coincides with the European Foundation Centre’s June conference, ‘Courage to re-embrace solidarity in Europe – Can philanthropy take the lead?

The feature includes an interview with Brendan Cox who describes the public outpouring of goodwill after his late wife’s death, setting up the Jo Cox foundation and the need to build more inclusive communities at home and abroad.

In a powerful joint statement, foundation associations from the US, Brazil, Canada and the UK come together to write about what they have in common and how they are creating space for their members to navigate current challenges.

This issue of Alliance is dedicated to the family and friends of Jo Cox, and to all those who aspire to live up to philanthropy’s ideals – to love humanity.

Schäfers piece from the special feature – Solidarity and Philanthropy – is available free to read.

You can also read the editorial from the issue here.

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