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How to help grantees weather the storm ahead

1 Oliver Carrington 18 July 2016

As a former grants manager I empathise with all those in the philanthropy sector who feel a sense of responsibility to support grantees in the best way they can. These feelings are intensified when grant-makers …

Brexit and the role of foundations – first thoughts

David Emerson 30 June 2016

There will be no shortage of comment about the implications of last week’s referendum, for UK civil society and beyond. Necessarily, much will be speculative, but there remains a need to make an initial assessment …

Brexit: A lesson on power for the philanthropic state

Jake Hayman 28 June 2016

The vote this week from the UK to leave the EU has stunned people around the world, leaving the world’s press and much of the UK itself, baffled. Why on earth would people vote to …