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The state of climate funding heading into COP26

2 Eva Rehse and Florence Miller 1 November 2021

COP26, rightly critiqued for its exclusionary approach, will shape how governments respond to the climate crisis. It is also as an organising moment for civil society, and a chance for funders to make public commitments …

Over 20 foundations join to commit $223 million to reducing methane emissions

1 Alliance magazine 14 October 2021

More than 20 leading philanthropic organisations have partnered to commit $223 million to drastically reducing methane emissions around the world. The effort – which includes the Hewlett Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, CIFF, and the IKEA Foundation, …

Philanthropic action on climate has been too slow – is the rise of green intermediaries the answer?

Isabelle Gerretsen 23 September 2021

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a profoundly alarming warning last month: human activities are altering the climate in unprecedented and irreversible ways. As the planet continues to warm, we face more …