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Dasra Philanthropy Week

Dasra Philanthropy Week: spotlight on the new Indian Companies Act

Dasra 7 April 2014

Day one at Dasra Philanthropy Week kicked off with a topic that held everyone’s interest, be they believers or non-believers in the concept – mandatory CSR under Section 135 of the new Indian Companies Act …

Girls to the fore in this year’s expanded Dasra Philanthropy Week

Dasra 21 March 2014

The Dasra Philanthropy Week, now in its fifth year, is the largest strategic philanthropy conference in India. The conference has expanded over its five years; this year, it ran for three days, 5 to 7 …

Dasra Philanthropy Week day 3

Rob John 7 March 2014

Friday, 7 March: Dasra means enlightened giving in Sanskrit and has its origins in India’s first venture philanthropy fund started up back in 2000 by Indians working the New York financial services industry. Impact Partners …

Dasra Philanthropy Week day 2: a focus on impact investing

Rob John 7 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March: Day 2 of Dasra’s philanthropy conference was held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, across from the Gateway of India and in the heart of the most impressive colonial architecture imaginable. Perhaps …

Dasra Philanthropy Week kicks off in Mumbai

Rob John 6 March 2014

Wednesday, 5 March: Dasra has gathered over 200 people for the first of its three conference days of Philanthropy Week. The venue is unusual, and quite historic – the old trading floor of the Bombay …

Philanthropy week highlights need for more social collaboration in India

1 Somya Deshpande 28 March 2013

  ‘Collaboration’ is the bugle call from social change leaders globally. It is understood that the scale and complexity of social problems make it imperative for broader cross-sector collaboration. While the answer stares us in …