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September Breakfast Club: full video

1 Alliance magazine 18 October 2012

The recent Alliance Breakfast Club looked at the topic of data and what it can do for philanthropy. Following on from the special feature in the September 2012 issue of Alliance magazine, this panel discussion …

Smarter Impact: A new approach to enabling inclusive economic development in the information age

Phil Westcott 1 October 2012

We are living in a time of great opportunity, where information and communications technology is transforming the lives of billions of people living in remote locations. People who were once isolated are now connected in …

Sharing is the most important attitude to data

3 Jenny Conrad 24 September 2012

Do we expect too much from data? This was one of the questions at the recent Alliance Breakfast Club which sparked much discussion around the topic of the recent special feature on philanthropy and data …

Data dividends

Lucy Bernholz 22 August 2012

Have you heard of the design company Threadless? You may know it as a t-shirt company. Or the former home of the Obama campaign’s current CTO, Harper Reed. Or you may never have heard of …

Philanthropy on the agenda at ISTR: Opening the black box

Charles Keidan 16 July 2012

Philanthropy was on the scholarly agenda at the vibrant International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR) conference last week at the University of Siena.  The conference handbook listed (conservatively) 17 sessions on the philanthropy research track. …