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Donor development

USAID: thank you and goodbye!

1 Maria Chertok and CAF Russia 28 September 2012

I recently made a decision not to write about Russian politics in my next piece for this blog. Alas, I can’t keep this promise as our government once again decided to get engaged in agenda-setting …

Off the beaten path – things to consider

1 Ellen Remmer and The Philanthropic Initiative 29 March 2012

Every donor takes a different strategic journey and, though many pass through similar stages, there are important factors that defy categorization by stage because they can be influential at so many different points in time. …

Steps in the strategic journey

Ellen Remmer and The Philanthropic Initiative 7 February 2012

Whether you are an advisor working to help a donor achieve more or you are a donor interested in better positioning yourself to move up the philanthropic curve, understanding the stages along the journey to …