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Indian Philanthropy Forum

Developing Indian philanthropy to reduce overseas development aid

Alison Bukhari and Dasra 16 March 2012

As someone who spends their working days (and the hours either side) thinking about India or directing strategic capital to high-potential social entrepreneurs in the sub-continent, I feel I have to respond, albeit a little …

Parent-child duos at Indian Philanthropy Forum highlight generational approaches

2 Aditi Kothari 12 August 2011

This year’s Indian Philanthropy Forum was held in Mumbai on 29 June. Sponsored by the Ajay Piramal group, the Godrej group and the Rothschild Foundation and hosted by Dasra, the forum saw over 175 attendees. …

Philanthropy conferences: ‘talking shops’ or action stations?

Dasra 19 July 2011

An antagonistic ‘tweeter’ a couple of weeks ago challenged Dasra on the funding that is actually channeled to frontline work through ‘these frequent philanthropy conferences’ and singled out what were obviously her own pet states, …