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Tax incentives for social investment: notes from Brazil

2 Andrés Thompson 20 March 2012

Whether tax incentives for promoting private social investment and philanthropy are a useful tool or not has been a matter of debate and controversy in recent years in Latin America and beyond. The case of …

Me, Myself & I – Is this the way to enhance giving?

Michael Alberg-Seberich 15 March 2012

What really motivates us to give? Economists, psychologists and anthropologists have shown repeatedly that giving is a crucial part of culture. It is a way to ensure social relations, to prepare for times of crises, …

Finding resources for social development in China

1 Karla Simon 1 September 2011

The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) ‘Five Year Plan for Charity Development’, mentioned in my first blog post, raises the matter of resource development for China’s operating charities. This post looks more closely at the …