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GSBI Accelerator program: Shucking the Husk

Manoj Sinha 17 September 2013

It turned out to be both a blessing and a challenge to have a good reputation coming in to the GSBI® Accelerator program at Santa Clara University. I had attended this program in 2009, when …

Coming this week: focus on the GSBI Accelerator program

GSBI Accelerator 16 September 2013

Last month in Silicon Valley, California, a dozen social entrepreneurs from countries including India, Mexico, Kenya and Ghana came to Santa Clara University’s campus as part of a 10-month mentoring and training program, the GSBI® …

A learning journey through the Amazon (part 2 of 2)

Elaine Smith and Instituto Geracao 13 July 2012

Last week, I started to write about a recent trip to Rio Arapiuns in northern Brazil organized by Projeto Saude e Alegria for social investors to learn more about this complex area. Today I will …