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Innovations in International Philanthropy

Audacious philanthropy redefined

Yifat Susskind 18 September 2018

‘What did you really think of the opening plenary?’ That was the question I got from several colleagues at the Innovations in International Philanthropy Forum. They figured I would be skeptical as a grantmaker to …

When the dichotomy blurs

Jen Bokoff 14 September 2018

We often speak in philanthropy about the dichotomy of grantmakers and grantseekers. As a result, our events are segregated in this fashion as well. It’s in part because of audience segmentation – that is, meeting …

Can we think more expansively about ‘going to scale’?

5 Solomé Lemma 11 September 2018

In their heart of hearts, philanthropists want to be audacious. We want to unleash significant impact on the issues we care about, recognizing our role and power in unlocking change. The Audacious Project was featured …