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Nonprofit performance evaluation: Leadership (part 1 of 6)

6 Paul Penley 5 March 2012

Where do you start when evaluating the health of a non-profit organization? Incessant headlines about dishonest educational programs, irresponsible board governance, misleading cancer charities and corrupt first responder foundations remind us that a little assessment …

Leadership in philanthropy: seven inspiring examples from outside the field

4 Kristin Majeska and Philanthropic Intelligence 10 February 2012

‘Motivate others to work collaboratively to do great things’. I was struck by this definition used to select seven 2011 Top American Leaders. Wouldn’t it be a great expectation for philanthropy leaders as well? We …

Philanthropy’s demographic leadership challenge

Michael Alberg-Seberich 8 December 2011

Foundations are always looking for the latest trends and the one societal challenge nobody else has identified yet. For years one of these trends in European countries, especially in Germany, has been the aging of …