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Learning from failure

We should be more open about failure… in the right way

Jesper Nygård 19 July 2022

Many projects both succeed and fail. Therefore, talking about failure takes a sense of nuance, and it’s important to not pass judgement too soon. In a world where issues are becoming increasingly complex, we must …

Learning to deal constructively with uncertainty

Stefan Germann 6 July 2022

We hear the saying ‘You learn from your mistakes’ all our lives – at work and in our private lives. But how helpful is it? And how helpful is learning from failure in the philanthropic …

What I learned from philanthropy immersion at Philea Forum 2022

Anna Hirsch-Holland 2 June 2022

As a relative newbie to the field of philanthropy, Philea Forum has been an opportunity to get to know this quite particular world more intimately – beyond the superficial facts that its people are very …

We need to talk about failure in the social sector

Kyle Zimmer and Rohini Nilekani 20 May 2022

A lot of ink is spilled and awards are bestowed celebrating the success of the social sector – and there is much to celebrate. But the truth is, if innovation is essential to the ultimate …

What practicing corporate law taught me about philanthropy

3 Conniel Malek 10 May 2022

I walked away from the corporate world after a decade of practicing law at a multinational business, and I never looked back. I dove into the philanthropic space with curiosity, passion, and a thirst to …