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Local solutions

Fund the Front Line: Fertilizer for the grassroots

1 Muna Wehbe 24 October 2013

I want to talk to you for a moment about mid-century American landscaping. Wait! Don’t go! I’ll get to the point. Trust me. In the decade immediately following the Second World War, a defining feature …

Beer from locally produced crops has businesses seeing double

Alliance magazine 7 September 2012

Brewing companies are finding a way of producing local economic benefits – in addition to the obvious immediate and individual benefits – as well as profits by selling beer in Africa. According to a recent …

Offence wins games, defence wins championships

1 Global Greengrants Fund 6 December 2011

If you ever played on a sports team growing up, chances are you remember your coach saying ‘Remember team, offence wins games, but defence wins championships’. The old adage emphasizes the importance of playing a …