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New giving vehicles and tools

Why the wealthy are shifting to Donor Advised Funds for their charitable giving goals

Anthony Messina 16 June 2023

Wealthy people are increasingly looking for an efficient and effective way to carry out their charitable giving goals – a Donor Advised Fund (‘DAF’) is a simplified option for high-net-worth clients to consider as they …

Rethinking governance in philanthropy: where is the forgotten stakeholder?

Farahnaz Karim 25 May 2023

Much has been written about the debate between trust-based philanthropy and those who are seeking greater evidence to guide their giving. The irony of this debate is that it is taking place in a macro …

A platform for transformation

Louise Driver 14 May 2023

A country-specific philanthropy infrastructure organisation with a defined role to transform philanthropy in South Africa. In a country in dire need of transformative change, the Independent Philanthropy Association South Africa (IPASA) serves as the only …

The equitable way forward: giving circles

Elizabeth Barajas-Román 13 May 2023

The traditional hierarchical structure for philanthropy might mean well – but it’s rooted in patriarchal power and the white supremacy of the ‘white saviour’ who knows best swooping in to tell a community how to …

Moving money to girls

Annemarieke Murthi and Rosa Bransky 10 May 2023

Since the very first days of Purposeful, we have known that to build power with girls and their allies is to move resources directly to them. For what is a discussion of power without a …