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Next gen donors

Now free to read! Interview with Jessan Hutchison-Quillian

Alliance magazine 10 April 2014

‘I have become a volunteer leader, organizing other young people with wealth to to do great things with their giving. I never imagined myself being this type of leader … I’m an engineer!’ Jessan Hutchison-Quillian …

Interview Elianna Sabbag Moquette

Alliance magazine 17 January 2014

‘The more we support socially minded businesses the more the demands placed on larger businesses to integrate social principles into the way that they operate will grow. This is our vision.’ Though she comes from …

Global ‘next gen’ trends

Jason Franklin 10 December 2013

I’ve been a ‘next gen’ donor for 13 years, ever since I began getting involved in philanthropy after discovering as a graduate student that my family had a small foundation. Slowly philanthropy began to permeate …

Standing up for ‘professional fundraisers: letter to the panellists and delegates at the Alliance Breakfast Club

1 Sue Canderton 6 December 2013

At this morning’s Alliance Breakfast Club on Next gen donors: What will they do differently? one of the delegates observed how ill-advised it is for fundraisers to lead meetings with potential donors. Very broadly speaking, …

December issue 2013 – Focus on … Next gen donors: what will they do differently?

Alliance magazine 3 December 2013

Will the next generation of young donors want to be more hands-on than their elders? Are they more likely to engage in impact investing? Who influences their thinking? These are some of the questions addressed …