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Next generation

Connection is key for next gen

Foundation Center 16 January 2014

As the guest editor of  the December issue of Alliance magazine and author of the “Global ‘next gen’ trends” article, Jason Franklin has astutely introduced us to what next gen donors value and what they …

Looking to the new generation for the future of Russian philanthropy

1 Polina Philippova 28 January 2013

It seems that it has recently become a rule in Russia that any piece of news is bad news. Indeed, just about all the political developments in the second half of the last year and …

The Forbes 400 Report: how is next-generation philanthropy shaping up?

Karla Simon 19 October 2012

A recent post from the Chronicle of Philanthropy about restricted gifts led me to download the linked report that was generated as a result of the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy. Entitled ‘Next-Generation Philanthropy: Changing the …

Little Givers – when do we start to learn about giving?

Michael Alberg-Seberich 24 July 2012

Thank you for the responses on my last blog post on youth as grantmakers! During a recent stay in New York I got to know a programme that teaches young children about giving. I am …

Off the beaten path – things to consider

1 Ellen Remmer and The Philanthropic Initiative 29 March 2012

Every donor takes a different strategic journey and, though many pass through similar stages, there are important factors that defy categorization by stage because they can be influential at so many different points in time. …