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Olympic Games

A legacy beyond London: can the Games inspire India’s girls?

Alison Bukhari and Dasra 19 September 2012

As London launches into its post mortem of the Olympics and Paralympics and the legacy question rears its head, I have been hearing stories from further afield that tell of the Games’ influence in remote …

Connecting corporates and communities for lasting Olympic legacy

Fiona Halton 16 August 2012

So, the Olympics is over and as the euphoria subsides many are rightly questioning the legacy of these Games. The Olympic sponsors paid tens of millions to be associated with the Olympics. The ‘Greatest Show …

The game of the social legacy of sporting events

2 Andrés Thompson 3 August 2011

Sports have been a neglected field for social investments and philanthropy in Latin America. Even though many non-profit organizations use sports as a tool for engaging youth in development processes, it may have been considered …