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Philanthropy confidential

Help! Our organisation has a labour shortage

Veritas 1 April 2022

Dear Veritas, I am in a leadership role at an organisation that has been struggling to get fully staffed for months, thanks to the overall competition for labour where we are located. We do our …

Help! How can I convince funders to build community in a post-Soviet country?

Regi 5 August 2021

Dear Regi, How can we find foundations that are ready to fund activities in a post-Soviet country? We want to build a society with more initiatives, more qualitative education, more solidarity with poor peoples, more …

Help! I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague

Regi 8 July 2021

Dear Regi, I’m being bullied by an ex-colleague, who incidentally has left the organisation in breach of their legal contract. If I speak out about the situation, it will create more drama for the wider …

Help! How can I get core funding for my start-up nonprofit?

Regi 6 May 2021

Dear Regi, I am a Trustee of a nonprofit in East Africa, which began with generous support from foundations and benefactors. That core funding enabled the creation of a service which many other not-for-profits, international …

Help! How do I convince funders to make endowment grants?

4 Regi 8 April 2021

Dear Regi,  I am an old timer in the foundation world, so I am intimately familiar with the inherent power imbalance in the funder-grantee relationship. I want to know how we can interest more foundations …