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Public responsibility

Where good happens

Lucy Bernholz 4 July 2012

‘What’s up this weekend?’ I asked, reaching around my friend to the sugar packets while trying to stay out of the way of the long line of Friday-excited coffee purchasers behind me. ‘Volunteering. Hacking,’ she …

View from the bridge: ACF conference looks to challenging times

Caroline Hartnell 8 November 2011

The opening plenary of the UK’s Association of Charitable Foundations’ 2011 conference on 18 October was called ‘view from the bridge’. And the view was very much what we might have expected to see: what …

Philanthropy as infrastructure?

1 Lucy Bernholz 26 October 2011

This is a bad idea. As a society, we should not encourage the replacement of public responsibilities by private philanthropy. Philanthropy is fickle, it’s too small and fragmented, and it’s under the control of a …