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Social investment

Impact Tranformers

Impact Transformers: How much are corporates committing to social investment?

Claudia Cahalane 16 July 2024

Alliance investments editor Claudia Cahalane meets social investment leaders and innovators at Impact Europe’s Impact Transfomers event, at The Hague from 11-13 of June 2024. On day one of Impact Transformers at the Hague, I find myself …

We need to bring every pool of capital to the table, says AVPN’s chief of impact investing

Claudia Cahalane 29 May 2024

Alliance Investment Editor Claudia Cahalane chats to AVPN’s chief of impact investing, Vikas Arora in a tea break on the last day of the AVPN global forum, Abu Dhabi, and discovers his conference highlights.  ‘Imagine …

man in Asia tends to trees

Green and social bonds could be key to meeting SDGs

Claudia Cahalane 18 October 2023

Issuing new green, social and sustainability bonds in emerging markets could be crucial to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is the claim of a new report by the Global Steering Group for …

Profit with Purpose Business: the new frontier for the social economy

Alliance magazine 16 September 2014

Speaking on the day of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce launch, UnLtd CEO Cliff Prior referred to a new business model that could mark ‘the threshold of a social business revolution’: ‘ The new Profit-with-Purpose …

Challenges and trends in private social investment and philanthropy in Colombia

Atallah Kuttab 3 September 2014

The Asociación de Fundaciones Empresariales (Association of Corporate Foundations) in Colombia, hereinafter AFE, held four focus group discussions from 19 to 22 August in the four largest Colombian cities: Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali and Medellin. The …

New developments for social investment in the UK

Alliance magazine 23 June 2014

 On 2 June a service to allow charities to issue bonds and list them on the London Stock Exchange was launched by specialist charity bond provider Allia. The bonds will technically be issued by Retail …

From hunter-gatherer to cultivator

Cliff Prior 13 May 2014

The shift from hunter-gatherer cultures to cultivation and farming was one of the most significant steps in human civilization – some say the most significant of all. It enabled populations to rise, settlements to turn …

Impact investment: does it do ‘what it says on the tin’?

Joe Ludlow 9 December 2013

Back in 1994, advertising execs in the UK were given what must have seemed like a career-ending brief: create a campaign for fence-protecting woodstain. The campaign that emerged not only transformed the fortunes of one …

EuroPhilantopics conference turns its gaze towards Africa

Peter Heller 25 November 2013

It was a first: at the Philanthropy House, European philanthropists’ new home in central Brussels: on 14 November members from the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) met with officials …

Great news… partnership is not a vain word!

Serge Raicher 18 November 2013

On 14 November, the EFC hosted 100+ people in its new Philanthropy House for Euro Philantopics, a joint EVPA, NEF, DAFNE and EFC workshop. They asked me to moderate a full morning session on social …