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Tax deductions

Reforming CSOs in China

4 Karla Simon 1 July 2013

Following up on my March and April posts, I wanted to return to the subject of reforms in the legal framework for CSOs in China. As I noted, there is a special relationship between the …

New regulations add to international grantmaking toolbelt

Birger Stamperdahl 28 February 2013

Shortly after 9/11, the US Government introduced a series of anti-terrorist funding regulations that had the effect of making international grantmaking more cumbersome and expensive for grantmakers. More than a decade later, new regulations introduced …

One conversation complete, many more to come

Andrew Watt 11 January 2013

Yesterday we re-published Pablo Eisenberg’s 21 December column from the Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled ‘Nonprofits Should Focus on Gun Control-Not Donor Tax Breaks’. Andrew Watt’s 5 January blog post on the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ …

China – Charity Law submitted to State Council

3 Karla Simon 12 June 2012

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has submitted a draft of the Charity Law to China’s State Council (cabinet), a sign that the country may be progressing towards rules covering philanthropic organizations. If passed, the new …

Tax incentives for social investment: notes from Brazil

2 Andrés Thompson 20 March 2012

Whether tax incentives for promoting private social investment and philanthropy are a useful tool or not has been a matter of debate and controversy in recent years in Latin America and beyond. The case of …

Dawn of a new era for Russian philanthropy

1 CAF Russia 12 July 2011

Vladimir Lenin once said: ‘The revolution that the Bolsheviks talked about so much has happened!’ The entire philanthropic community in Russia can repeat after Lenin this week. After years of advocacy efforts that seemed at …