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NPC has released a new paper that argues the case for a collective approach to digital transformation in the social sector.

Digital technology presents a unique and under-exploited opportunity to address the systemic issues the social sector faces given its ability to connect, co-ordinate, process and categorise at scale and with unparalleled speed. While charities and businesses are increasingly awakening to the need to engage with digital technology, the pace of change demanded cannot be achieved one organisation at a time. Tech-for-common-good-cover-235x332

To tackle social problems in their entirety, organisations need to mount a collective approach and tackle problems at the sector level.   

NPC has developed the Digital Transformation programme to spearhead more collective digital transformation projects in the social sector and their paper sets out the case for why we need to take this approach, building on existing work and bringing together a group of experts.

Download the paper here>

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