Three in five wealthy Gulf families will shift to responsible investing


Alliance magazine


Wealthy Gulf family groups, led by their younger members, are increasingly being coaxed toward more sustainable investing, found survey by Savanta published in a report from Barclays Private Bank.

Fifty-nine per cent, or almost three in five, say that millennials are leading older generations of high-net worth families in the GCC toward more responsible investments. And for those who are not already investing this way, 22 per cent of the elder generations would like to find out more about the sustainable investment options, and 19 per cent are interested in understanding more about investing specifically for positive social and environmental impact.

‘This [research] demonstrates that business leaders across the generations are deeply committed to adding value to the societies in which they live,’ said Rahim Daya, head of private banking at Barclays in the Middle East. ‘It is encouraging to see that impact investing is a movement that resonates with individuals of all ages.’

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