Toolkit Offers Best Practices for Family Offices Engaging in Impactful Philanthropy


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A new toolkit developed by the U.S.-based philanthropic advisory firm Hammer & Associates provides a guide for family offices worldwide that wish to engage in philanthropy that is both meaningful and measurable. Laying the Groundwork: A Family Office Guide to Meaningful Giving is the first of the EngagedPhilanthropy™series available for family offices.

This report, written by Suzanne Hammer of Hammer & Associates and team, is one of the few workbook-style guides available for family office leaders (family heads, family office executives, committee members) to take a more intentional approach to philanthropic giving. It is applicable for both U.S. and international family philanthropists.

‘Family offices worldwide are increasingly becoming hubs for families to manage their philanthropic giving as well as their investments and other financial concerns,’ said Suzanne Hammer. ‘This guide offers step-by-step questions and exercises for families to get started in philanthropy, or to strengthen the values, missions and goals that already guide their philanthropy.’
In 2015, Hammer & Associates, in partnership with the Global Family Office Community, conducted qualitative research on philanthropy in family offices across the globe. What emerged from this research was that there was a pressing need for more resources and support for family offices wishing to engage in philanthropy. This groundbreaking toolkit is the first to respond to meet this need.

The toolkit includes best practices on starting a values conversation with family; creating a mission statement; considering choices on to whom and how to give; research opportunities and organizations; and make decisions as a family. It also features the top five pitfalls for families to avoid in philanthropy, and sound advice from family office executives and advisors.

‘Our hope is that family offices everywhere benefit from this easy entry point into intentional and impactful philanthropy, and that it is one more tool of many that can elevate the family office and philanthropic fields globally,’ said Hammer.

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