Book in Brief

Big Business, Poor Peoples: The impact of transnational corporations  on the world’s poor
John Madeley  Zed Books  £13.95

A critical examination of the impact of TNC activities in the different industry sectors.

To order, contact Zed Books.
Tel +44 171 837 4014
Fax +44 171 833 3960

The Ethical Investor
John Hancock  Financial Times Prentice Hall  £24.95 (hardback)

Covers the principles of ethical investment, the practical considerations for fund managers and the outlook for the ethical investment sector.

To order, contact Pearson Education.
Tel +44 1279 623 923
Fax +44 1279 431 059

Making Money While Making a Difference: How to profit with a non-profit
Richard Steckel et al  High Tide Press  $14.95

An exposition of why and how companies should make strategic alliances with non-profits, with lots of examples.

To order, contact HTP.
Tel +1 888 487 7377
Fax +1 708 206 2044

Shaping Globalization: Civil society, cultural power and threefolding
Nicanor Perlas  CADI

Global civil society is a cultural institution wielding cultural power. Its key task: to inaugurate processes to ensure that globalization benefits the poor, society and the

To order, contact the Center for  Alternative Development Initiatives. 
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Fax +2 928 7608

The Government and the Third Sector.

Explores existing models of interaction between government and NGOs in Germany,  Netherlands, Israel, Norway, France and other developed countries.

To order, contact Horizonti.
Tel/fax +995 32  292 955 

The Future of Foundations in an Open Society and Community Foundations in Civil Society, both published by the Bertelsmann Foundation, will be reviewed in the next issue of Alliance.

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