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New Roles and Relevance: Development NGOs and the challenge of change
David Lewis and Tina Wallace (eds)  Kumarian Press  $24.95/£18.95 (paperback)

A wide-ranging look at the critical challenges now facing development NGOs as they struggle to maintain their integrity and independence while taking on a growing role in the fight against global poverty. This book addresses some of the issues raised at the NGO conference in Birmingham in early 1999.

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Debating Development: NGOs and the future
Deborah Eade and Ernst Ligteringen Oxfam  £12.95/$18.95

What does development mean in the 21st century? How relevant will NGOs be in achieving social and economic justice for all? Invited contributors from an international range of NGOs, research centres and academic institutions celebrate ten years of the journal Development in Practice by asking these questions.

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From Here to Sustainability: Politics in the real world

Real World Coalition  Earthscan  £8.95

A radical agenda for reform in national and international politics and economic policy put forward by 25 leading UK charities.

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The Geopolitics of Hunger, 2000-2001: Hunger and power
Action Against Hunger  Rienner  £18.50

The third edition of Geopolitics of Hunger focuses on six crises which marked the year 2000, in Sierra Leone, Angola, Timor, Northern Korea, Chechnya and Central Africa, and calls for reflection on the international community’s interventions in southern and eastern civil wars.

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Legal and Organizational Practices in Nonprofit Management
Pasquale Ferraro  Kluwer Law International  NLG115/$56.50/£35.50

Provides basic ‘survival tactics’ for managers of small NGOs in developing and transitional countries where support agencies, professional training and self-help publications to help them manage resources efficiently  may not be readily available.

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