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Civil Society in Central Asia
ed M Holt Ruffin and Daniel C Waugh  Center for Civil Society International  $19.95

A collection of essays by scholars and activists that looks at the social and institutional developments that are shaping the future of this important region. Topics addressed include the legal framework for independent associational activity, grassroots movements for environmental protection, the resurgence of Islam and the viability of the Soviet-era collective farms.

To order, contact CCSI.
Tel +1 206 523 4755
Fax +1 206 523 1974

Business–NGO Relations and Sustainable Development
Jem Bendell  Greener Management International  $45

Writers from NGOs, businesses, consultancies and academia consider the problems associated with partnerships between businesses and NGOs and how such relationships can be made to work in practice.

To order, contact Greenleaf Publishing.
Tel +44 114 282 3475
Fax +44 114 282 3476

Corporate–NGO Partnerships in the Asia Pacific
edited by Tadashi Yamamoto and Kim Gould Ashizawa  Japan Center for International Exchange  $21
Ten case studies of corporate -NGO partnerships in the Asia Pacific highlight emerging trends and provide insights into the requirements of successful partnerships and the challenges that lie ahead.

To order within Japan, contact JCIE at
To order outside Japan, contact the Brookings Institution.
Tel +1 202 797 6258
Fax +1 202 797 6004

When Good Companies Do Bad Things: Responsibility and risk in an age of globalization
Peter Schwartz and Blair Gibb  John Wiley  £19.50
A look at the increasing number of corporations which are taking on social issues not for PR reasons but because it is essential to their long-term strategy.

To order, contact John Wiley.
Tel +44 1243 779 777
Fax +44 1243 775 878

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