Growing Your Organization: A sustainability resource book for NGOs – Susan Pezzullo

Based on the experiences of IYF’s first decade, this book provides a wealth of sensible advice to ‘people who manage NGOs’. Although the author states that the book is not a how-to manual, NGO managers could do worse than follow its lead when they are addressing questions of mission, positioning, image, forging alliances across sectors and mobilizing people – the key sections of the book.

For the most part the book is written in plain English, with a varied and attractive layout that adds to its user-friendliness. The case studies, taken from IYF’s own members, are well drawn and probably the most interesting and useful aspect of the book.

Despite the clarity of its language and presentation of concepts, this is not a book for new or emerging organizations, particularly in developing countries. The case studies are drawn from developed or industrialized nations, from transition economies or from the stronger developing countries in which the NGO sector is increasingly sophisticated. However valuable, market research, media relations, direct mail and other issues covered are still beyond the capacity or interest of the vast majority of NGOs in low and middle income countries.

Accepting these limits, this book will be especially of value to NGOs in countries such as Central and Eastern Europe where past reliance on large-scale international funding is no longer an option but where there is real potential for sustainability from local sources. It will also be a useful ‘refresher’ for many an NGO manager in even the most sophisticated NGO sector.

Growing Your Organization: A sustainability resource book for NGOs
Susan Pezzullo International Youth Foundation $20

To order, contact Sheila Kinkade, Communications Manager, IYF.
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Andrew Kingman is Director, International Development, at CAF.

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