1st Pacific Northwest Global Donors conference

Betsy Brill

Pathways for Strategic Giving, held on 19 and 20 March in Seattle, Washington was the inaugural gathering of a new community of global donors, Pacific Northwest Global Donors. Over 180 donors attended, including representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates, Channel, Seattle, Seattle International and Washington Women’s Foundations, as well as from the World Affairs Council, giving circle members and individual donors in the Northwest.

Fashioned after its sister organization, the Chicago Global Donors Network, the conference promised four key outcomes for its attendees: to provide information on many of today’s most significant global issues; to increase confidence in global grantmaking; to identify best practice in addressing the root causes of global poverty and fundamental human rights issues; and to link participants to a growing community of global philanthropists in the region.

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And the Granada Declaration was signed…

Francisco Noguera